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We are always buying excess inventory. We buy the following surplus electronic components:

- Integrated Circuits
- Transistors
- Diodes
- Capacitors
- Connectors

Surplus Connectors



We buy the following items:

- Integrated Ciruits
- Transistors
- Diodes
- Capacitors
- Connectors

Military Electronic Components

Craig Cox - VP of Purchasing EXT) 144

Nicole Wilson - Purchasing Assistant EXT) 128

Kimberly Zavala - Purchasing Assistant EXT) 130


Surplus Connectors

H&R Enterprises purchases surplus Connectors. Please contact Craig Cox, Nicole Wilson or Kimberly Zavala for more information about selling your surplus Connectors



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Surplus Connectors

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Electrical connectors refer to a device for joining electrical circuits together. In computing it can also be known as a
physical interface.

Usually made up of a plug (male) and a socket (female), although hermaphroditic connectors exist, such as the original IBM
Token Ring LAN connectors.

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We Buy and Sell Industrial, Commercial and Military Electronic Component Parts

H&R ENTERPRISES Inc. is a wholesale electronic component supplier of surplus integrated circuits, semiconductors, transistors,
diodes, connectors, capacitors and other lesser hard to find and obsolete electronic components.
We currently have over 100 million integrated circuits in stock (located in our electronic component catalog),
consisting of 200,000 line items, housed in our 22,000 square foot facility. Formed in 1970, H&R ENTERPRISES' mission is to
provide quality service to commercial and military industries all over the world, maintain a knowledgeable sales staff and
guarantee same day shipments, while carrying an extensive inventory of industrial, commercial and military electronic components.
H&R Enterprises is also always looking to buy your excess electronic components.
Contact us for more information about selling your surplus electronic components.

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