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We are always buying excess inventory. We buy the following surplus electronic components:

- Integrated Circuits
- Transistors
- Diodes
- Capacitors
- Connectors



Currently there are openings at H&R Enterprises.

To apply for a position listed below, please contact Tina Ullmer at 818.703.8892 extension 145, or email her at: tinam@hrent.com. Thank you.

We are seeking top sales professionals with an extensive knowledge of the Semiconductor industry and a solid OEM base. Inside Sales preferred. However, Satellite offices may be established for the right individuals. We offer an extremely competitive compensation package and a potential vested interest in the satellite offices. Interested candidates may contact Tina Ullmer at 818-703-8892 extension 143

Our well established company is expanding and we have a need for additional sales people. If you are looking for an entry level position and are self-motivated, we offer training for the right person. Salary, Commission, and Medical Benefits. Contact Tina Ullmer at 818-703-8892 extension 143



We have just updated our website. If you have any questions or comments about our website or electronic components, contact us below.

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Electronic Component Distributor
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We Buy and Sell Industrial, Commercial and Military Electronic Component Parts

H&R ENTERPRISES Inc. is a wholesale electronic component supplier of surplus integrated circuits, semiconductors, transistors,
diodes, connectors, capacitors and other lesser hard to find and obsolete electronic components.
We currently have over 100 million integrated circuits in stock (located in our electronic component catalog),
consisting of 200,000 line items, housed in our 22,000 square foot facility. Formed in 1970, H&R ENTERPRISES' mission is to
provide quality service to commercial and military industries all over the world, maintain a knowledgeable sales staff and
guarantee same day shipments, while carrying an extensive inventory of industrial, commercial and military electronic components.
H&R Enterprises is also always looking to buy your excess electronic components.
Contact us for more information about selling your surplus electronic components.

H&R Enterprises, Inc
Electronic Component Supplier
Semi-Conductor Distributor
Obsolete, Hard To Find and Discontinued
Electronic Components